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Last Updated: 01/18/2009

Involushun is a John Shipe company. Welcome to this unofficial Shipe site, full of essential and peripheral information and retail.

Last Updated: 01/17/2009

Involushun Records is nobody's brainchild. It is, rather, an afterthought--the accumulation of two decades of working independently in the regional Music Biz. Over the years, my pals and I have released several albums, and none of them has landed us a major record deal. Gratefully, the absence of the big record labels has not stopped us from getting our work done. It turns out that we are a de facto record label of our own, in both name and function. (No sour grapes necessary. Who needs a vineyard when the grapes are sweet enough in your own garden?) Involushun is devoted to keeping in the habit of putting out good honest art. You'll find the entire collection of Shipe albums here, some archival stuff from old bands, plus a handful of musical compatriots with whom Iíve worked closely--the people who've made my years in the Biz fruitful and fulfilling. In the spirit of gratitude and variety, I'm sure there's some stuff here you'll enjoy. A page for each Shipe album, plus some indulgences un-indulged on the more official websites. --John Shipe

Last Updated: 11/28/2010
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