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John Shipe

Last Updated: 12/27/2006

Last Updated: 01/28/2010

*Currently living at home in Eugene, OR. Scheduled to live in Yellowstone National Park (for second stint) from May through September. Touring the Mountain States and doing some East Coast gigs. *Writing and recording the follow-up to latest album, YELLOW HOUSE (“Shipe’s greatest recording ever. --Eugene Weekly) New release due out in Spring of 2010. *Plotting to tour Europe and/or Australia-New Zealand on the heels of generous international airplay. *Sitting on a 100 song repertoire and 9 albums.

Nice Things They Said

Last Updated: 01/24/2013

"'Villain' is hands down among the top 10 releases of 2011....witty, accessible, and unrestrained. His audacity is refreshing. 'Love belongs to Everyone' results in a grandiose, passionate rock anthem… Germany embraced it at No. 1 on Radio Marabu Hot Rotation, placing it in the company of Radiohead and R.E.M. --- Andrew Fickes (Northwest Indie Music: Best of 2011) “'Villain' displays a story-teller’s flair and pleasing voice that calls to mind Paul Simon and Elvis Costello. …a sense of wit that will appeal to fans of Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman...apt, intelligent, lyrical prose with a thoughtful arrangement... (Shipe) possesses a quiet cult of personality that raises his performances to sublime." ---–Wildy’s World “…you will fall into the velvet embrace of John Shipe’s 'Villain.' ...lush collection of highly descriptive tales of love and woe. The highlight is the stunning ‘Hard to Believe,’ ...John Hiatt and Jeff Buckley fans will instantly gravitate to this... ...atmospherically beautiful and harmonically sensual; a rich combination of musical dexterity and lyrical erudition. –Rich Quinlan (The Quinlan Chronicles, "Shipe knows how to glue your ears to the speakers" --- Tuneraker "5 Stars! …timeless… Shipe’s voice is as stark and straightforward as his lyrics… chill to the bone..." ---CD Baby " of the best voices you’ve probably never heard makes ‘Love Belongs To Everyone’ an instant favorite." (A Media Mindset) “Engaging… urgent… more than you get from most majors these days.” (Missoula Independent, Missoula, MT) “…remarkable vocalist and songsmith…breaks away from the mold… Without a doubt, he’s an interesting figure…” (Performing Songwriter Magazine) "...a multitude of delights to be found here." --Paul Kerr (Americana UK) "…high sense of quality, of integrity… It is beyond words.” –Mike Penard (ISA Radio France) “….lyrical ingenuity… genre straddling… This album should put to rest any doubts about his talents.” (Eugene Weekly) “John Shipe threatened to kill me once in one of his songs. But his vocal production and melodies were so bad-ass I didn’t even bother getting a restraining order. HE IS THAT GOOD!”(Shane Michael Cook, KLRR Bend Radio) “I have found my favorite Americana CD. ...superb lyrics and melody.” –Lee Williams (CMR Nashville) “An explosion of creativity.” (Register Guard) “I gushed like a hot, bothered groupie.” (The Source Weekly) "Nothing short of mesmerizing." (Salem Statesman Journal) “…catchy, punchy, and it rocks…” (The Rocket, Portland) “…refreshing topics seduce your ears.” (Performing Songwriter) "Anyone with a heinous ex will enjoy this... which I have authoritatively deemed the greatest break-up song ever." (Ursula Evans Heritag, Eugene Weekly.) "...the cool kids from music school. The kind that got wasted on Tuesday night, but still scored straight A's." (Eugene Weekly) "Portions of this ambitious and polished work show Shipe to be a musical chameleon and prove that his band, the Scapegoats, has the chops to navigate the twisting musical terrain." (The Oregonian) “…besides having a fine voice and guitar skills, he can write an album this versatile without being schizophrenic… a solid package.” (Register Guard) “…always observant with a keen eye for honesty, melody, and relevance.” (Eugene Weekly) "Stylistically all over the map--in a good way." (David Jasper, Bend Bulletin) "His poetic and literate prose moves from the personal to the political with grace." (The Oregonian) “…smart, well-crafted, sonically interesting.” (Register Guard) “My favorite male vocalist.” (Dori Donoho KLRR Bend, OR) “Shipe’s vocals are always on the mark.” (The Argonaut) “His pipes have a thick intensity that never falters.” (Willamette Week) “An excellent show... Intelligence in the lyrics.” (Spokane Communicator)

Last Updated: 01/17/2009

Shipe has shared the bill with:

Last Updated: 01/17/2009

Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Blind Melon, Derek Trucks, Cake, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Keb Mo, Tower of Power, Jerry Joseph, Jimmy Cliff, Los Lobos, Tony Furtado, Hootie & The Blowfish, Todd Snider, Rusted Root, Patty Larkin, John Fahey, Colonel Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Stephanie Schneiderman, Ehren Ebbage, Justin King, Dan Jones, Mother Hips, Mark Alan, The Crazy 8's, Better Than Ezra, Kerosene Dream


Last Updated: 01/24/2013

John Shipe: Villain
Villain (2011) Critically acclaimed, feature-produced, internationally hit.
John Shipe: Yellow House
Yellow House (2008) Scaled down semi-acoustic/electric. International airplay abounds.
The Renegade Saints: Mercy Saints Alive!
Mercy Saints Alive! (2008) Live Album from the re-united Renegade Saints captures the true sound as well as the hearts of fans.
John Shipe & the Blue Rebekahs: John Shipe & the Blue Rebekahs--redux (With Bonus Dvd)
John Shipe & The Blue Rebekahs (2005) Unique, collaborative release with Eugene's most innovative Indie-rockers.
John Shipe: The John Shipe Song Clearance
The John Shipe Song Clearance (2004) Retrospective of acoustic tunes from Shipe’s un-released vault. Contains the notorious "Pit Bull Blues."
John Shipe Band: Pollyanna Loves Cassandra
Pollyanna Loves Cassandra (2003) 31-song double CD with White Album-like scope.
John Shipe Trio: A Stealthy Portion
A Stealthy Portion (2000) Live “unplugged” album continued to chart as high as #2 in the Oregonian (Portland, OR) for several years. “…a unique take on modern folk-rock…breaks away from the mold long enough to indulge in almost early-prog moments…” (Performing Songwriter)
John Shipe: Sudden & Merciless Joy
Sudden And Merciless Joy (1998) Diverse rock album remained on Oregonian chart for nearly three years (hovering at #2). Several songs rotated on fifty-plus radio stations, charting (Gavin, CMJ).
The Renegade Saints: Fear of the Sky
Fear of the Sky (1994) With previous band The Renegade Saints. All six Shipe tunes received radio airplay

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